The Union of Galactic Peoples

The Union of Galactic Peoples

"Learning From History, Lest We Repeat It..."

The Union of Galactic Peoples grew from the ashes of the Rebel Alliance following their costly victory Endor—it's a tougher, more hardened version of the New Republic. It uses the standard Rebellion starfighters, and most standard Rebellion capships. They also use the Star Destroyers and Interdictors they absorbed in the years following the Battle of Endor.

The Union's stated goal is to keep the galaxy at peace. They choose to do this through superior firepower, forcing the citizenry into calm by offering swift and severe retaliation to any and all hostilities; the Union has built up a huge war machine in order to deal with any hostile threat to its populace, and to keep the populace from becoming a danger to itself.

Prime-Minister Leia Organa-Solo is the enigmatic leader of the Union, having been elected to more than a decade of service by the citizenry--rumors of the Prime Minister dabbling in a dark, forbidden power were a large part of what convinced Senator Garm Bel Iblis to organize his Rim World Coalition to oppose the Union's break-neck production of warships and weapons. The Union Navy is headed by Admiral Han Solo, Leia's estranged husband who fielded a number of fast and furious campaigns against remnant Imperial fleets hiding in the Outer Rim after Endor, destroying even Grand Admiral Thrawn's fleet and locating the Empire's lost Maw Installation, the facility where the Death Star was designed and prototyped. The Union's top two flight commanders are Commanders Corran Horn and Soontir Fel.

The Union's capital planet is Coruscant, the accepted center of the galaxy and the world that has housed the ruling government of that galaxy for longer than any can remember. Coruscant is defended by an advanced weapon system developed from the data obtained at the Maw Installation: a series of space platforms spiral the entire planet, linked through electromagnetic discharges from the planet's surface and forming an Defensive Axial Array, able to project an attack able to destroy a ship the size of a Star Destroyer in one shot.

The Union actually has four fleets, but only fields two of them in this shipset. 1st Fleet is an offensive, ship-to-ship fleet commanded by Admiral Solo himself, meant for engagements aganst military ships and targets. 2nd Fleet, commanded by Admiral Afyon, is a smaller battle group comprised of mainly troopships and heavy carriers, meant for use as an occupational/invasion force used to capture and hold planets in contested systems and sectors.

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