The Path Not Taken: System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Full, retail verisons of LucasArts and Totally Games' X-Wing Versus TIE Fighter, and the Balance of Power add-on CD. Sorry, but BoP is required for this shipset--it uses the B-Wing.

  • Connor's mondo-cool Shipset Launcher, to install the Path Not Taken shipset to play, and remove it when you're through playing. Don't worry! This program does't make any changes to your XvT install that can't be undone with the click of a button--that was the point of it! Connor's support site is located at this address.

  • A computer setup conforming to Balance of Power's minimum configuration. This shipset was built on a P90 with 40 meg RAM and a Voodoo 2 accelerator, so missions are fine-tuned to suit lower end machines and minimize frame rate loss and slowdowns.

  • Lots of free hard drive space. You'll need three times the size of the shipset's .GOB file in free disk space. The PNT shipset is a whopping 30 megabytes in size, meaning you'll need roughly 80-90 megabytes free to run it (though I've had success with as little as 40). This can be inconviniencing to people who are short on disk space, but there's really no way around it--the shipset Launcher program has to keep back-ups of every file it replaces, and that takes up lots of space. Most computer experts suggest you have at least 300 to 500 megabytes free on you computer at all times, for computers made in the last two years, anyway.

  • A 3D accelerator is not required to run this shipset, but is recommended. One of the greatest limitations currently inherent in creating new XvT OPTs (ship models) is that the ship textures do not always align properly in software rendering mode. Therefore, in playing this shipset without a 3D accelerator, the custom ships included with this shipset may appear somewhat strange, with the textures stretched and squashed incorrectly over the 3D models. This doesn't effect gameplay any, but it looks kinda wierd...

Do you qualify? Do you have the guts?
Then grab The Path Not Taken now!

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