The Rim World Coalition

The Rim World Coalition

A New Rebellion For A New Freedom

The Rim World Coalition is a cobbling of resistance pockets throughout the Outer Rim, organized by Garm Bel Iblis. Since the Union has declared all private ownership of starfighters illegal, the Coalition has had to build its own from scratch. Their fleet consists mainly of older capital ships such as Dreadnaughts and Nebulon-B Frigates, but they do command a few MC80 cruisers, and the powerful TCS Midway-class destroyer-carrier.

The Coalition is a patriot's rebellion. The Union has been demanding more and more from the worlds of the Outer Rim, and the Rim's patriots are outraged by the alleged "pillage" of their homeland. The Coalition wants its independence—it wants to be free of the Union for good.

Coalition High Command is the body of representatives that legislates the organization. High Command consisting of leaders and ambassadors from all sectors of the Outer Rim's Third and Fourth quadrants, and a body of military advisors and strategists. This latter, military half of High Command is headed by a Commander-in-Chief; currently, this title is held by Garm Bel Iblis, and this position puts the resources and warfaring forces of the entire Outer Rim under his command. General Bel Iblis's second is Admiral Thrawn, who served with the Imperial Navy with distiction, but lost his fleet to Solo's forces nearly ten years ago. Thrawn commands the Midway, and serves as Primary Fleet's commanding officer. The head of the Coalition's Pilot Corps is Commander Keyan Farlander, who is often assisted by Lieutenant Mirax Terrik of Alpha Wing.

The Coalition's primary headquarters, and the location of High Command, is the prime planet of the Hoth system. Secondary Fleet coordinates its patrol and defense actions from this main staging base, and the Coalition Navy's master supply stockpile is located here. Also in the Hoth system is the Draegos Installation, the advanced prefabricated shipyard where the Midway destroyer-carrier was secretly constructed. This installation is located closer to the system's sun than the Hoth planet itself, and is a subject of tightest security--the next two Midway-class carriers are under construction here, as well as the bulk of the Coalition's starfighters.

The Coalition's ship strength is devided into three fleets: Primary Fleet is the main, warfaring fleet which performs the front-line operations of the military body. Secondary Fleet is a patrol and defense fleet responsible for defending stationary Coalition outposts and planets and for the security of Coalition-controled space. Tertiary Fleet is comprised largely of transports and freighters, and a smaller number of light battleships; Tertiary is responsible for all Coalition supply lines and personnel movement—they are movers.

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