Star Wars: The Path Not Taken web site

Welcome to the Path Not Taken web site.

Star Wars: The Path Not Taken is a Shipset add-on for Lucasarts' X-Wing Versus TIE Fighter space combat simulator for the PC. It tells the story of an altered Star Wars galaxy, one where the Battle of Endor didn't go quite the way we remember it.

The Shipset contains 60 missions, nine new ships, two new factions to fight for or against, and a new, detailed storyline, broken into two campaigns.

Also, several of the main characters mentioned in the Shipset have hand-drawn protraits, which can be found at my BCR Productions homepage (really a gallery of my artwork)--follow the "Path" link off the main nav bar.

Final Version Released
Path Not Taken version 1.3, the final update planned, has been released, and is now available in "15-file" and "15-meg file" formats. A new zip file with all the updated missions is also available. Thanks again to Datamaster's Website and =Mad Dog= for hosting this monster!

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Pages coded by Scott "Draegos" Thompson. Images generated by Scott Thompson, often using ship models built by others--mainly Michael "Steele" Boewes, Andreas Kroell, and Michael Anderson.