The Path Not Taken

While this shipset was concieved and built solo, there are a lot of people that need to be thanked, and a lot of effort that needs to be acknowledged:

Shipset creation:
Scott Thompson Home Page.
Original concept, story, mission design, modified ship statistics and .EXE (and the web page, too!). This whole thing is Scott's baby. Be sure to tell him what you think.

Additional credits:
Troy Dangerfield
Creator of XvTEd, the greatest, most all-encompassing XvT mission builder ever to have graced the net with its presence. Troy, you're better than we deserve. Keep up all the good work.

Michael "Steele" Boewes Home page.
OPT creation, all Coalition ships. This guy's stuff is amazing..!

Michael Andersen Home page.
Additional OPT creation; Creator of MXvtEd, perhaps the best XvT/BoP executable editor, which was used almost exclusively in adding and configuring the new ships in this shipset.

Andreas Kroell Home page.
Additional OPT creation.

File Hosts:
Datamaster's Webiste
Datamaster's Website has graciously volunteered to host the 15 individual files which comprise the PNT shipset. In particular, Durron and Defiant must be thanked for their efforts to this end.

The X-Wing Files -- =Mad Dog's= Website
=Mad Dog= has offered the use of his personal web space to host the full 15-meg shipset file online, for people using file grabbers or fast net connections. Thanks to him, players have had more options when downloading the Path Not Taken.

Beta Tester:
OPT editing, mission building... Is there anything this guy can't do..?

Adiitional Mission Design Concepts
Dave Saint John
Deemed too good for the Star Wars Total Annihilation TC and found to be just bored enough to throw in with BCR to cook up some extra ideas for new missions just when I really needed them. The original rebel without a cause, as it were...

Additionally, Scott Thompson and BCR Productions would like to thank...
Datamaster Datamaster's website.
Creator and maintainer of Datamaster's Website, the best place on the net for XvT editing information, missions, and mods. Datamaster's support of the XvT Editing community has kept it alive and strong to this day, more than two years after the day XvT was released. "Path" wouldn't exist without this guy.

The man who conceptualized the OPT Project at Datamaster's, which made this shipset possible. Seemingly having disappeared into the background, however, Defiant's e-mail and web address is at the moment unknown to BCR Productions.

Moderator of the Datamaster's Website Databoard, Argath is the indispensible guiding voice in XvT editing in general.

The creator of the Shipset Launcher, one of the most important XvT tools to appear this year. The Shipset standard has made distribution of custom XvT mods as simple as copying a single file. An indespensible program for any true X-Wing pilot.

Lt. Hag
One of the web's most dedicated OPT hackers, and the one who discovered a lot of the original info about the .OPT file structure. This guy was there at the beginning.

JM Rabidness Home page.
And Rabid is the other half of OPT and XvT editing. An integral part of the Datamaster OPT Project long before I ever arrived there, Rabid's constant research and creativity have been two constants that the Project has centered itself around.

Pages coded by Scott "Draegos" Thompson. Images generated by Scott Thompson, often using ship models built by others--mainly Michael "Steele" Boewes, Andreas Kroell, and Michael Anderson.