Colonial Ships

Secret Page: Colonial Starfighters and Capital Ships

The Colonial Service does not posses the long list of warfaring equipment that the two main factions in this story do--they don't need to.

Possessing thirteen battleships equal in power to an MC-80 or even an Imperial-class Star Destroyer and an omnifighter design surpassing the performance of any core-ward combat starfighter, the Colonials maintain a decided technological advantage over the other major factions.

  • 2 double-fire Lasers
  • 4 Warhead Tubes
    • Capable of mounting any warhead.
  • Incapable of mounting any beam weapon.

Coputer Core: "Warbook" onboard tactical computer core

Engine Type: Three Impulse-drive engine thrusters, FTL access via Inertialess Drive technology


The basic design of the Colonial Viper has endured thoughout the navy's history to its earliest memories of the homeworld. Rather than abandon the frame and basic operating structure of the craft for a totally new one, the Colonials continue to produce more and more advanced models of the fighters, encorporating any new discovery or technical advancement into the craft's surprisingly modular frame. Designed to perform any starfighter role with unequaled superiority, the Viper has forced the standard governments of the galaxy to adopt a new term to assign the ships: the omnifighter, not truly a fighter or a bomber, but both in one with no performance sacrifices.

Vipers also posses an engine assembly which operates off very different principles from those of more standard galactic fightercraft. The Viper's three large particle turbines put a minimal strain on the craft's powerplants, and can be "overcharged" for extended peroids by diverting power to the engines from other ship systems (usually the lasers)--this technique is often referred to by Colonial pilots as "hitting your turbos." The result is a 200% increase in engine-to-velocity output until the extra power from the weapon systems are depleted.

The Colonial Battlestar is one of the crowing technical achievements of the greater human race, encorporating all the elements of a fully-fit destroyer with a starfighter carrier capacity almost equal to that of a TCS Midway-class vessel's.

Battlestars utilize engine and powerplant configurations which take something of a departure from conventional design techniques at several fundemental levels. Most notably, a Battlestar accesses faster-than-light travel through a warp-bubble effect rather than the use of a hyperspace velocity motivator--while the effects to the naked eye appear similar, this makes a Battlestar much harder to track for a destination, and also actually allows the Battlestar to extend its warp bubble over other objects or ships, allowing it to carry these obects or vessels along into lightspeed.

A Battlestar bases four full wings of the Colonials' Viper omnifighters. By using special pressure launching bays which run down the side of its two hanger pylons, a Battlestar can launch its entire compliment of fighters in less than half the time it would take a Mon Calimari cruiser to scramble its wings. Fighter recovery, however, is a more drawn-out process, though still quickened by the fact that Battlestars possess two independent oversized hanger decks.

The Colonials presently operate thirteen fully-operational Battlestars, one to represent each of the colonies they left behind as is traditional for their service. These vessels are the Atlantia (the flagship of the greater Colonial fleet and home of the Council of the Twelve), the Galactica (the military center of the greater fleet and the ship of Commander Adama, the head military officer attached to the Council), the Columbia, the Acropolis, the Rycon, the Bellerophon, the Pacifica, the Pegasus (the ship of Commander Kain, one of the Service's greatest officers and heros), the Cerberus, the Prometheus (home to Council Comp Baltar), the Olympia, the Solaris, and the Ullysia. Each Battlestar commands a fleet of habitation ships, housing the greater Colonial peoples during their pilgrimage.

The Colonials' only warmaking vessels are their Battlestar-class destroyers; all other ships in their greater fleet are civilian habitation ships, meant to comfortably house the Colonial peoples during their nomadic voyages.

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